The “Strike Three” Flood of June 28-30, 2006

This one got its name from the fact that it was the third major flood on the Delaware in 21 months! It was strike three, and many people were truly “out.” They’d had enough. Officially, this flood came to within a foot of April 2005 levels, but some places that went untouched in ’05 reported significant damage during this one.

Caused by a stalled low pressure system that wicked moisture from the hot Gulf and Atlantic, this flood wasn’t as much of a surprise as the one in ’05, but carried a heftier punch in some places, proving that no two floods behave the same way.

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Trauger’s family farm, situated on the island between the river and the canal, gets hit every time. This is at crest on the afternoon of June 29, 2006.


This little antique shop at the Kintnersville intersection of Routes 611 and 32 never recovered from the April, 2005 flood before getting hit again in June, 2006.


It’s serious déja vu for the popular American Grill restaurant and deli at the intersection of Rts. 32 & 611 in Kintnersville. When the Delaware floods, the Gallows Run backwaters right into this establishment, every time.


This is the parking lot, looking over the roof of the “bunker” at Gristie’s Antiques Center, along the Gallows Run in Kintnersville, PA.


Just north of the intersection with Lehnenberg Road in Riegelsville, PA, this is what Rt. 611 (River Road) looked like at crest on June 29, 2006. Immediately after this shot was snapped, a large carp struggled mightily against the current on the road to swim upstream to spawn. It was a sorry sight, and after several attempts, the fish just gave up.