Recent Floods

Though 1955 remains the record holder for flood crests and flood-related deaths on the Delaware, there have been several other flooding events since then.

Most recently, the Delaware has been the scene of three moderate to severe flooding events in the 21-month period from September, 2004 through June, 2006. Interestingly, two of these events were triggered, at least in part, by the remnants of tropical cyclones. These three events are:

Hurricane Ivan Flood: September 17-23, 2004. The remnants of Hurricane Ivan dropped 4-6 inches of rain in the Valley, causing the highest water levels recorded since 1955.

April Fool’s Flood: April 2-4, 2005. Up to 5 inches of rain that began falling on April Fool’s Day evening led to the highest recorded water levels since 19

June 2006 “Strike Three” Flood: June 28-29, 2006. Rainfall that began on June 23 dumped 3-6.5 inches in New Jersey, 7-15 inches in northeastern Pennsylvania and 6-14 inches in the New York part of the basin.