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Award-winning author Mary A. Shafer presents a narrated slide show to a brown bag lunch crowd at the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission in Harrisburg, PA, in September, 2009. She speaks on the flooding disaster along the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York from August 18-20, 1955. This record-holding extreme weather event is the subject of the author’s book, “Devastation on the Delaware: Stories and Images of the Deadly Flood of 1955,” the only comprehensive documentary book on the topic.

Author Mary Shafer helps narrate this Focus on Floods video, covering the Delawware River watershed flood caused by Hurricanes Connie and Diane in 1955. It includes an interview with Linda Lecropane Kelso, the last person to walk away alive from Davis Cabins in Analomink in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Weather Whys? – Devastation on the Delaware was featured in the August 15, 2007 segment of Weather Why’s, part of the Weather World show broadcast on PCN from Penn State University’s School of Meteorology. The show is hosted by Dr. Jon Nese, former Storm Analyst for The Weather Channel and writer of the book’s foreword. Watch the video! (9.3 MB mp4 download)

TEMPO! Newsmagazine Flood Special (above) – Author Mary Shafer was extensively interviewed for the 50th anniversary special segment of TEMPO! Extra Newsmagazine on the Lehigh Valley’s PBS station, WLVT-Channel 39. Check out a partial clip from that segment! (7.6 MB mpg download)

Devastation on the Delaware covers mainly Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and peripherally, New York, but a total of six northeastern states were heavily damaged by Hurricane Diane, none worse than Connecticut. Here are a few of the more prominent and informational videos about parts of New England:

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The Hawk 99.9FM Morning Show – Author Mary Shafer appeared for an hour-long interview with Hawk Morning Show hosts Rick Michaels and Samantha Layne on May 26, 2006, as that year’s Atlantic hurricane season got underway. We’ve posted about 20 minutes worth of clips from that interview in mp3 audio format. You should be able to play this file using any of the popular media players. Listen now to part of the interview.

Theme Song
 – Check out “Delaware,” the hauntingly beautiful ode to the river by New Jersey’s own Laura Baird of the talented Baird Sisters. (Note: This download is an MP3 audio file of more than 5 MB. If you’re on a dial-up connection or don’t have audio player software, you might instead wish to listen online at However you do it, give this little gem a listen – you’ll be glad you did. Sincere thanks to Laura for permission to use her work. If you dig the sounds of the Baird Sisters, you can purchase full CDs of their work at their website.