Appendix – Hurricane Diane Flooding & Specific Precipitation Data

Aug. 18

  • Hurricane Diane moved into the NC coast then recurved to the NE, passing very near Philadelphia, then to the Southern coast of New England.
  • Diane’s heavy rains, up to 13” in the Poconos, added to those of Connie 5 days earlier, brought massive flooding to the Mid-Atlantic and New England states during the next few days.
  • Philadelphia received 0.16” on the 16th, 0.44” on the 17th, 2.32” on the 18th and 0.06” on the 19th, for a total of 2.98”.
  • The storm killed between 184 to 200 people, making it onto the Deadliest Atlantic Tropical Cyclones, 1492 to Present. (At least 25 deaths needed to make this list).

Aug. 19

  • Tropical Storm Diane brought torrential rain and flooding across the region.
  • The S. Branch of the Raritan River at Stanton, Hunterdon Co., NJ, rose to a record 15.2′. Flood stage is 8.0′.
  • The Bushkill River at Shoemakers, Monroe Co., Pa., rose to a record 14.0′. Flood stage is 6.0′.
  • The Brodhead Creek at Minisink Hills, Monroe Co., Pa., rose to a record 27.0′, causing one of the worst disasters to hit the Poconos, killing more than 75 people. Some bodies remained missing for years. Flood stage is 10.0′.
  • The Delaware River rose to a record 37.4′, with flood stage 21.0′, at Tocks Island, Warren Co., N.J.; a record 43.7′, with flood stage 22.0′, at Phillipsburg, Warren Co., N.J.; a record 38.9′, with flood stage 22.0′, at Riegelsville, Warren Co., N.J.; a record 27.8′, with flood stage 16.0′, at Frenchtown, Hunterdon Co., NJ; a record 28.4′, with flood stage 18.0′, at Stockton, Hunterdon Co., N.J.; and a record 26.0′, with flood stage 13.0′, at New Hope, Bucks Co., Pa. The Neshaminy Creek at Langhorne, Bucks Co., Pa., rose to a record 22.8′. Flood stage is 9.0′. Sources: NWS Mt. Holly/Philadelphia; USGS

Aug. 20

  • The Delaware River at Washington Crossing, Mercer Co., NJ, rose to a record 27.8′. Flood stage is 20.0′. (USGS)

Source: Philadelphia/Mt. Holly National Weather Service