Bonus Material

This is where you’ll find extra, or Bonus material related to the 1955 Hurricane Diane flood on the Delaware River that, for one reason or another, didn’t make it into the print edition.

Bonus – Original Appendix Material…and then some

Old Fry rock formation

“Old Fry,” the rock formation just north of Kintnersville on Rt. 611, usually visible above the surface, but plunged far underwater during the 1955 flood.

Some of this Bonus content was part of the first two editions of the book. It was moved here before the third edition was printed, to make room for a few extra stories, photos and several new locator maps, which had been requested by readers. I wanted to avoid an obnoxious page count, which would have forced us to raise the book’s cover price, and at more than 500 pages, would have begun to make the book an unwieldy read. 

This section is mostly weather-related information, specifically concerning hurricanes, and has been updated since it was first published to include more recent storms. I’ve also added some new material of similar interest for those “weather weenies” like me.

Some of this material is a little arcane, containing significant amounts of meteorological-ese, but if you’re really interested in this weather event and others like it, you can dig up some real information gems with a bit of patience and close reading. If you like statistics and numbers and quantifiable data, this section is a goldmine. Those seeking to understand today’s stronger, more frequent hurricanes can gain a lot of knowledge by comparing this material to what one can find today about major tropical systems.

Meteorological and Hurricane Data

Research Sources

I thought it would be helpful for researchers if I included here the Bibliography of my book, showing the official sources I used to help me understand the Hurricane Diane flood and hurricane events in general.