Hurricane Ivan Flood

More Devastation on the Delaware:
The Hurricane Ivan Flood on the Delaware River

While there has yet to be anything like the record-setting Delaware River flood of August, 1955, a few more recent deluges have come close. The first was on September 17-23, 2004.

Hurricane Ivan, an obnoxious storm if ever there was one . . .

Like the Party Guest from Hell, Ivan just didn’t know when it was time to leave. Ivan was the ninth named storm, the sixth hurricane, and the fourth major hurricane of the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season. It was a Cape Verde-type hurricane, meaning it had its origins near the Cape Verde islands just off the west coast of North Africa.

Ivan reached Category 5 strength at his peak, and early in his development reached unprecedented intensity at low latitudes—Category 4 at only 10.6° N

  1. After being briefly downgraded to Category 3 intensity, Ivan struck Grenada directly at mid-day on September 7 with Category 3 winds.
  2. He travelled across the Caribbean Sea, reaching Category 5 intensity before passing close to the Jamaican coast and Grand Cayman Island, crossing the western tip of Cuba.
  3. After moving into the eastern Gulf of Mexico, Ivan’s strength lessened to a Category 4.
  4. He continued on a track towards the north-northwest, making landfall in the U.S. near Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  5. As Ivan approached landfall, Florida Lt. Governor Toni Jennings described the storm as “the size of Frances but [with] the impact of Charley.”
  6. After landfall, Ivan moved north and then turned east, bringing heavy rainfall to large areas of the southeastern United States.
  7. Though Ivan only reached as far north as Virginia, he came close enough to inundate the Delaware Valley with 4-7 inches of rain.
  8. He then looped south and through Florida, and regenerated into a tropical storm for a short time in the gulf and moved into Louisiana and Texas

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Other Cool Hurricane Ivan Photos

Author Photos – Taken after the crest on 9-19-2004.


The kitchen of an unfortunate riverfront resident on Rt. 611 north of Rt. 212.


River Road in Durham as the water recedes.


From archives: A Frenchtown citizen sees his hometown from a Venetian perspective.

Official Hunterdon County Page
A nice collection


Hurricane Ivan as seen by infrared satellite, 9-16-04


Ivan, one “loopy” hurricane, decided one trip through the South is never enough.


A resident between Kintnersville and Riegelsville pays the price for the spectacular river view. White arrow shows the waterline on the first floor entry door. Photo by Mary A. Shafer.