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From: “What’s New on Cyndi’s List”<> (by way of Cyndi Howells <>)
Subject: December 27, 2005
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 01:28:54 -0800


TITLE: Devastation on the Delaware Book
DESCRIPTION: The first comprehensive
documentary of the 1955 flood on the Delaware
River, caused by Hurricane Diane. Covers both
sides of the river from Port Jervis, NY to
Trenton, NJ. Affected areas of NY, NJ and PA.
Includes in-depth treatment of the washing away
of Camp Davis in Monroe County, PA, where almost
80 people were killed, including some entire
families. 456 pp. narrative non-fiction,
illustrated with 12 maps & diagrams, 105 historic
photos. Fully indexed, appendices.

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