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  1. I attended Camp Hagen from seven years of age until my teens. I am 85 years now and I went through obtaining all my flags…red, green blue and white and was a CIT in training where I did my Junior Counselor work. At Penn State I was in their human arts department and went onto to become a camp director at Camp Adelawan in Washington Pa. I was only 21 but my years of training at Hagen and then the YWCA if New York City prepared me to successfully run a camp with fifty campers and seventeen staff. I later became director of Camp Lenoloc in the Bear Mountain Park all for the YWCA of the Oranges and Maplewood.

    I loved my Camp Hagen experiences. I was known as Lou. It taught me every sport from swimming the Delaware to Small craft handling to riding in shows to playing tennis, volleyball and all the games. I laid a stone on the alter of the outdoor chapel and was there for about seven years,

    Kay was the director then. I have so many memories and was the quarter back for the girl’s football team which we started. We beat so many other camps in softball and I was the coach,

    As I write this I fill with tears to think about the flooding of those sacred grounds where I learned so much. Anyway alive who could answer this post and remember the late thirties and forties and this great camp ?

    • Hi, Mary “Lou” –

      There seem to be quite a few people left who remember those years in Camp Hagan and Camp Miller, but alas, I’m not one of them. I wasn’t even born until 6 years after the flood. If you’d really like to find some of your peers from that time, I recommend getting in touch with the church that owned Camp Ministerium, or the Middle Smithfield Historical Society (they have a website and a Facebook page), or maybe just running some classified ads in the Pocono Record newspaper. I wish you luck in locating them, and thanks for sharing your memories.

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